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2011 and 2013 Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award Winner (Innovation)
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Why I switched from fire based cremation to Aquamation.

Why I switched from fire based cremation to Aquamation.

Note from the founder, Jocelyne Monette:

I have used fire based cremation since 2004 and have always been concerned with the process and the environmental impact. Although 'incineration' has been around for centuries and embraced by many cultures, from the 'open pyres' to the traditional retorts currently in use by the pet and human funeral industry, Aquamation is the responsible option for today's families.

As you can see from the comparison chart, families still receive a memorial of their pet, contained in an urn or scattering pouch; they can still expect the same services such as home or veterinary pickup; reasonable prices and respectful care. However, the gentleness of the process and the environmental benefits are too important to ignore.

Rather than fire, Aquamation uses water and alkali to mimic Mother Nature - a natural burial would eventually result in just bone after many years, Aquamation achieves that in a much shorter period. Aquamation results in 20% more bone remains than in cremation - why? Because fire and extreme heat will burn off bone which then becomes fly-ash particulate pollution in our air. There are no gas emissions with Aquamation and 1/10 of the carbon footprint of fire based cremation.

I am concerned about our planet, our environment and the legacy we are leaving behind for our children and grand children. I am just one person doing one change - be one family doing their part by requesting the responsible choice for your pet's after care - Aquamation.

The Founder of Pet Loss Care Memorial Center

Dear Fellow Pet Lover,

As children, my siblings and I conducted many a backyard burial service for our dearly departed companions: Charlie the three-legged tadpole, our favorite rabbit ´Bunny Rabbit´ and so many others that touched our young hearts.

The Founder of Pet Loss Care Memorial Center
Victoria BC
Through the years, I outgrew the backyard burial ritual in search of services that would allow me to mourn, memorialize and celebrate the life shared with my beloved pets.

I could never quite find that ´special place´ and wondered why our companion animals were not given the respect they deserved and that I deserved as a grieving pet parent!

After a long and rewarding airline career, I decided to devote myself to creating such a ´special place´ - where families can expect compassion and dignity for themselves and their furry family members. In June of 2004, I founded Eternal Companions Pet Memorial Center in Montreal, Quebec - North America's first full service pet memorial & cremation center - and quickly became known as a sanctuary that honored the unconditional bond between companion animals and their human companions. I am privileged to have met so many wonderful families that truly touched my soul with their expressions of love and grief for their companions.

In February 2010, the Pacific Northwest continued to beckon me with promises of better weather and healthy lifestyle. I briefly lived here in 1978-1980, and visited often over the years. I knew I would one day return and now was the right time. With heavy heart I said goodbye to my beloved pet memorial center, and headed west. I made a 4 month stop-over in Vancouver to decide if this was where I wanted to be.

As much as I enjoyed the mainland, I still wasn´t quite ´west´ enough and so at the end of July 2010, I headed to Victoria and immediately felt right at home. What a wonderful community! Right away I looked for a pet memorial center and quickly realized the lack of a ´special place´ for pet parents and their beloved companions - and from this deep need to continue my work, the Pet Loss Care Memorial Center was created.

Welcome to my ´special place´ - allow me to share your burden and celebrate your guide you through the process of saying goodbye with honor the life you shared.

Blessings & Namaste,
Jocelyne Monette

CTV News interviews Pet Memorial Center

In 2008 CTV News Montreal spent 2 days at our center in Quebec - on the second day, a family held a wonderful memorial service for their beloved feline, Mr Nappi des Toutous, born on Valentine´s Day, 1996. The entire theme was one of ´red roses´, chocolates and lots of love, shared stories and memories.

The family has agreed to let us share with you their service through pictures as well.

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Live 88.5 Radio Interview with  Katfish Morgan

Live 88.5 Radio Interview with Katfish Morgan

Interviewed ´live´ by Katfish Morgan of 88.5FM Ottawa on August 11, 2009.

Katfish had heard about the center through a colleague whose dog died, suddenly, at home. He was intrigued by the services offered and wanted to know more.

 88.5FM Radio Interview 88.5FM Radio Interview
88.5FM Radio Interview

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