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Aquamation Benefits versus Flame Based Cremation

Ash return availableCheckCheck
Urn or scattering pouchCheckCheck
Home or veterinary clinic pickupCheckCheck
Deceased treated with respectCheckCheck
Reasonable pricing optionsCheckCheck
Low temperature gentle processCheck
The most of your pets remains backCheck
Zero greenhouse gas emissionsCheck
Gentle water-based processCheck
No use of fossil fuelsCheck

Put simply, Aquamation is the best aftercare option
for you and the environment.

Aquamation is a globally recognized option that is environmentally friendly and gentle compared to fire based cremation and has been used for decades in universities and well known hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic in the USA. The technology has been adapted for smaller businesses such as pet crematoriums and human funeral homes and is now available in North America. It is in use both here in Canada and in many areas of the US and is rapidly gaining momentum as the responsible choice when considering after care options.

As you can see from the comparison chart above, you still receive your pet's remains in an urn or scattering pouch and the services associated with pet cremation such as home or veterinary clinic pickup and reasonable pricing are unchanged. What is apparent however, is the negative environmental impact associated with fire based cremation.

Aquamation offers you a very gentle process, from low temperature to flowing water rather than extreme high temperatures and fire. An astounding difference is that you actually receive more of your pet's remains back simply because there is no fire. Traditional fire based crematoriums and extreme heat will burn off bone which then becomes fly-ash particulate pollution in our air.

Not only will you honour your pet's memory in a gentle manner, you also help protect the environment by choosing Aquamation - the responsible choice.

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