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2011 and 2013 Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award Winner (Innovation)
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About Our Center

Questions on our Center, memorial services, children, surviving pets and so much more...
May I tour your Center?
We welcome visitors at Pet Loss Care Memorial Center and offer tours of the facility around scheduled memorial services. Because of the nature of the business, we do ask that you pre-book a time with us to ensure the Center is available for viewing and that no one is using our memorial area to say a last goodbye.
Why would I pre-arrange my petīs Aquamation? What does it entail?
Pre-arranging the details of your petīs after care helps to relieve some of the burden from what can be an incredibly stressful and emotional day.

 Contact Us for a complimentary Guide To Planning Ahead - this guide will help you make the right decisions, explain your options and provide you with peace of mind.
I have two children. How should children be involved in the loss of a dear pet?
How children experience and accept the death of a pet is dependent on their age and often how you, the adult, respond to the loss. Read more information on children and pet loss. (link coming soon!)
There are several surviving pets in our home. Do we need to worry about how they will handle the loss and should we allow them to see the body
Pets do grieve the loss of their buddy, human or animal, and usually mourn for two to six weeks although if especially close, the grieving process can last as long as six months. Animals understand death to a degree and allowing the surviving pet to see the body of his deceased friend does help them to understand where their buddy has gone. Learn more about how to help your pet through this difficult time. (link coming soon!)
My pet died last year and I buried her in my garden. Now I am forced to move and I do not want to leave her behind. Is there anything you can do for us?
Absolutely. Contact Us for a full explanation of the disinterment process and we will strive to do everything possible to help you bring your entire family with you on your move.
I am moving to Europe. Can I take my petīs ashes abroad?
It depends on the country in question and we highly recommend you contact customs and immigration for the country in question. However, we are happy to provide you with a letter for the customs officers certifying the contents of the ashes are indeed those of your pet and that the ashes pose no hazard to anyone coming in to contact with them.

If the country in question does not allow the ashes in, contact us regarding having the ashes made into a memorial step or some other remembrance that will be allowed.

Do you work with my veterinarian? And if not, why would I not take their advice and use the crematorium they recommend?
Pet Loss Care Memorial Center works with many of the veterinarians in Victoria and the surrounding areas who insist on providing their clients with the best possible after care available. There is a wide range in the quality of pet after care and some veterinarians do not fully understand the difference between various facilities and the services provided. For example, we are the only Aquamation center in the area.

Ultimately though, it is your decision. Should your veterinarian not use our Aquamation Center, you can request that your pet be aquamated by the Pet Loss Care Memorial Center and we would be honoured to look after your four-legged family member.

Our pet will be euthanized at our veterinary clinic. What do I need to do to ensure that Pet Loss Care then aquamates my pet?
If possible, call ahead of time to discuss the options available for your petīs after care. Once the arrangements are set, let us know the date and time of the appointment and we will be there- the same day to bring your pet to our facility. You will also need to let your veterinarian know that we are looking after your pet for you.
My young pet suddenly became ill and passed away at the vet hospital. I didnīt know what to do so left him for the clinic to look after but now I want you to look after his after care. Can you do this or is it too late?
Our sincerest condolences for you and your family at this difficult time. Sudden deaths, of young pets especially, are always heart wrenching and often thoughts of what to in such an event have not even crossed your mind. What do you do if your young pet dies?

Most veterinary clinics and hospitals have a scheduled once or twice a week pick up so there is a good chance your pet will still be there. Call them right away and ask them to hold your pet for the time being. If your pet has been picked up, ask them to call the crematorium and explain that we will be coming to pick up your pet right away.

Once we know that it is not too late, we can discuss the details. We strongly recommend that you, your family and any surviving pets say a final goodbye and we offer our Remembrance Room for as long as you need. When you are ready, we will proceed with the Aquamation and call once complete to arrange the return of the urn or scattering pouch.

Are the ashes of my pet returned in an urn? Do you have a variety of urns so that I may choose the one that best represents my petīs personality?
Pet Loss Care Memorial Center offers a wide range of packages, some with urns and some with our specially designed Paw Print bag. Although many people know exactly what they want for their pet, others need time to decide what urn best fits their pet and will visit the center anywhere from a few days to a few months later. We are available to help you make this important decision at any time it is best for you and your family.

You can also view our online selection of Pet Urns and Memorials.
Can I supply my own urn?
Of course. Please let us know ahead of time and we will make arrangements for us to either pick it up with your pet or for you to drop it off at our facilities.
My husband was away on business when our pet passed away. Are you able to keep our pet until he returns in a few days so that he can say goodbye?
Everyone in the family should have an opportunity to say goodbye. Whether a few days or a few weeks, we can absolutely delay the Aquamation until their return.

Let us know and we will discuss the final details with you.
Your services mention a Pet Memorial Service. What is a pet memorial service and how does it differentiate from a human funeral?
Our Pet Memorial Services are much the same as a human funeral. It is a celebration of life and final ceremony to say goodbye to a beloved member of your family. Many are non-denominational but not all and we are happy to incorporate your religious practices and beliefs into the service. We work with you to help build a ceremony that reflects you, your pet, and your life together.
Do you recommend children attend their petīs memorial service?
Absolutely! Even more then adults, children require time to understand and say goodbye to their pet. A ceremony shows them the importance of what they are feeling and gives a voice to those thoughts. Read more about children and pet loss. (link coming soon!)
What are your hours of operation? Is there a charge for evening, weekend or middle of the night pick-ups?
Monday to Saturday: By Appointment Only

Charges may apply for services after 5pm Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday. Contact our Pet Loss Care Team directly for more information at 250.984.1933 or toll-free 1.800.653.6710

Do you pick up my pet or may I bring him to you?
Both. We offer full pick up services as well as the delivery of the urn/scattering pouch (service charges may apply - see our Aquamation Packages or Contact Us for more information) or you may bring us your pet. It is up to you and what best fits your needs.