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2011 and 2013 Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award Winner (Innovation)
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Live Video Stream

Special Annoucement

The Pet Loss Care Memorial Center cameras are off as we prepare to make
a major announcement that will affect the future of pet aftercare in Canada.

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Live Feed will resume at a later date

Following recent media stories about deceptive pet crematoriums, we have taken steps to become the first pet crematorium in the world to offer a live video stream. This is one way we unequivocally guarantee that each and every pet cremated at our facility is done privately, one single body at a time.
Please wait up to 15 seconds for the video to start streaming

More Information

To ensure the privacy of families, each pet is carefully wrapped in a shroud prior to being wheeled into view.

What should you expect to see? Although every effort is made to prevent any disturbing visuals, there may be times when you will see a ´glow´ or at times, ´flames.´ This is afterall, a crematorium. You will also see a specifically designed loading table to facilitate the placement of each pet into the crematorium. There will be times when a cremation tool will be used to gently push the pet´s body into the unit.

We do ´hot load´ smaller pets through out the day - what does this mean? In order to preserve energy, we are able to continue small pet cremations without having to cool down the unit between cremations - we do take advantage of our hot hearth to reduce cremation times. This is when the incidence of seeing ´flames´ occurs more often.

A numbered metal disc is assigned to each pet - you will see us place this disc on the console at the start of each cremation. At the completion of the cremation, the cremated remains are swept out and they fall into the container located at the bottom of the unit, which are then removed for further processing. There may be times when we leave the cremated remains in the container to cool off and we immediately proceed with the next cremation. When that happens, you will see us move the disc from the console to the container (which identifies the cremated remains in the container), and we place the next disc on the console, which identifies the pet now being cremated.

We keep an archive of recordings for one (1) year, which families may view upon request.

Please know that if you have any questions or comments, we invite you to contact us.

We are located in Victoria, BC - Pacific Standard Time. We typically run our operation during business hours.