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2011 and 2013 Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award Winner (Innovation)
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Business Practices at Pet Loss Care Memorial Center

We understand the need to be absolutely sure the ashes we return to you are those of your pet, and your pet only. There are no laws governing pet crematoriums, other than those imposed by provincial laws in regards to the environment - they only concern themselves with ´air quality´ and not how pets are handled after death and during cremation. Very few laws protect our ´living companions´ - there are definitely no laws to protect how ´our deceased companions´ are treated.  Pre-planning is an excellent way to choose a crematorium that will provide the best care for your special friend.

Pet Loss Care Memorial Center offers only one type of pet cremation:

  • A PRIVATE SINGLE PET CREMATION is a cremation procedure where the body of one, and only one, companion animal is placed within the cremation chamber and cremated. The subsequent cremains of that companion animal, and only that companion animal, are swept from the cremation chamber and returned to the family in an urn or temporary container.

We also developed Frequently Asked Questions to provide you with more information on pet Aquamation.

How We Handle Deceased Pets Entrusted In Our Care

How We Handle Deceased Pets Entrusted In Our Care
Your beloved companion is transported in our specially designed vehicle to our center. We do pick up pets from your home or the veterinary clinic. If we are to pick up from the veterinary clinic, we encourage you to let the clinic know you wish to receive a phone call from Pet Loss Care as soon as your pet is picked up.

Once your companion arrives at our center, we cross reference all the information and the identification process is as follows:
  • An mSTAS numbered metal disc is assigned to the pet, and their name written on the back of the disc
  • This number is entered on all forms and items related to the pet
  • A fur clipping is taken

pet loss
  • The pet´s name is listed on a white board next to the crematorium, with all pertinent info
  • A cremation log is kept for all cremations, which includes not only the date & time the pet was cremated, but also the final weight of cremains
  • Once the cremains are processed, everything is then packaged for delivery back to the family

Personal Care & Attention To Detail

Since 2004, I have cared for thousands of families during a very difficult time - the loss of their beloved companion. I will always remember a very special little fella called Wendell the Wallaby - his story touched the hearts of people from around the world!

In April 2011, Pet Loss Care won The Innovative Award, sponsored by the University of Victoria - Peter B. Gustavson School of Business. As the founder of Canada´s first stand-alone pet memorial center, I have introduced many ´firsts´ in the pet loss care industry, most notably video certified pet cremations and online video streaming for families unable to attend a cremation or for those preferring to witness from the privacy of their home; and mSTAS - (Memorial Service Tracking and Accounting System) a web application to ensure pets in our care are carefully tracked at all times.

Cameras will be up and running 24 hours a day, and I plan on having a live video feed on my website at all times. It will be situated in an area that will give the viewer complete assurance as to our transparency, while protecting the privacy of families. (please note there will be nothing unpleasant to see)

Regardless of species and/or service chosen, every beloved companion entrusted in my care is treated as my own - with care and respect. CTV produced a wonderful introduction to Pet Loss Care Memorial Center by interviewing 2 local families touched by the memorials created for their deceased companions. I hope that when the time comes, you will reach out and call upon Pet Loss Care Memorial Center for your pet´s after care.
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Until then, please feel free to contact us for your complimentary ´Guide to Planning Ahead´ - be prepared, ask questions, visit us or tour our facility. Know your options ahead of time and then tuck away your final wishes for your companion knowing you are totally prepared.