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2011 and 2013 Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award Winner (Innovation)
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Pet Memorial Services

Pet Memorial Services
“After a death, a ceremony helps us express what we could not otherwise express, give honor to the life that was lived, and provide a time and a place for mourners to support one another.”

Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Director
Center for Loss and Life Transition
Fort Collins, Colorado

You´ll find that we´ve designed our memorial services by taking Dr. Wolfelt´s words to heart. Let us bring you through this emotional part of the journey.
  • Grief management tools for you and your family
  • Special information for the children in your pet´s life
  • An opportunity to share in special holiday programs throughout the year, in remembrance of your animal angel

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Celebration of Life Memorial Service - $250

  • Use of the facility for family time
  • A personalized service designed specifically for you, your friends, and the special relationship that you shared with your pet
  • Use of the Remembrance Room or at a place special to you and your family
  • Service Folders for those in attendance
  • 20 Personalized Cards
  • We will personally assist you in extending invitations for your pet´s service

private cremation Ceremonies may also be done in the privacy of your own home.

The following rituals can be just what you and your family need to honor and pay tribute to your special friend:
  • Take a walk on that familiar path, leash and collar in hand
  • Light a candle in a quiet room, and focus on your happiest times with your pet
  • Write your memories, feelings, and reflections in a special journal
  • Create a scrapbook with photos and other reminders of your pet angel

Outdoor Pet Memorial to ´Missy´

Courtesy of McKenzie Vetertinary Hospital, Victoria BC
Courtesy of McKenzie Vetertinary Hospital, Victoria BC
What do you notice about this memorial?
(click on the picture for a larger view)

Paying tribute to a beloved animal companion can take many different forms. The benefits of memorializing and creating tributes is tremendous - it brings to the grieving heart a sense of peace, serenity and acceptance. We will never forget, but our grieving hearts will heal.

This memorial was captured by Dr Malcolm Macartney of McKenzie Veterinary Hospital in Victoria, BC. The first time I saw that picture in his office, I asked him what he noticed about it? He was puzzled and not quite sure what I meant - I then pointed out that the rocks were all shaped like a ´heart´ and how meaningful this memorial must have been for the griever. Imagine finding so many heart shaped rocks?

The inscription says it all:

In Honor Of Missy
Who gave love & loyalty
For a lifetime, in two
Short years.