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2002-June 30th, 2012
An incredibly gentle, knowing and loving spirit
Keano Keano Keano Keano Keano Keano Keano Keano
Color: Tri-Colored
Favorite Activity: Swimming, long walks,
Favorite Buddies: Brian, Sean and Mollie
Favorite Food: Ice Cream and Popcorn
Favorite Place: The beach
Favorite Toy: His Ducky
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Keano-sloppers, Dum Dum
Keano, a well-mannered and behaved Burmese Mountain-Border Collie cross made quite an impression on all he met.  While he was a large dog, he never really ever saw himself this way.  He always was a non-alpha male and quite content living at the bottom of the food chain.  He was always extremely friendly, and quite the people person.  Keano was well known in his neighbourhood and was friends with a number of now grown children in the area.  He was always very fond of children, and always enjoyed his ears and tail tugged by them.   He enjoyed many a long conversations with both his owners and everyone he met.
Keano came to us on January 21, 2003 when we went to the Petcetera at Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver for a third birthday gift for his older sister Molly.  Keano was a rogue dog up to that point, having been found roaming stray in Dawson Creek.  Keano made his rounds from SPCA to SPCA, till he found an easy mark in us from the moment we saw him.

He has an older sister; a small Shetland sheepdog whom he always considered his goddess.  She never allowed him to forget, that from the moment he entered our home, his sole purpose was to be a play toy for her amusement.  When he wasn´t busy sleeping in the sun, he enjoyed playing with his toys, gazing out the window, and listening to music.  Indoors he was most content performing his impression of an area rug or footrest.  

Keano has been the beloved animal companion of Sean Wright and Brian Young for 9 years, and is estimated to be 10 years old.

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