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Domestic Short Hair
1995-July 24th, 2013
Digby was adopted in 1997 and had an adventurous life living all over BC. Digby was full of curiosity and affection. She preferred people over animals, especially her adopted 'mom', and was a devoted companion. She spent her last 4 years 'retired' in
Digby Digby Digby Digby
Color: dark chocolate brown, a shiny and healthy coat
Favorite Activity: eating grass, napping on favorite chairs or bed, sprinting to the scratching post after peeing, sitting on or near 'mom', going under the bed covers 'cave', anything with paper...
Favorite Buddies: people, 'mom' in particular over time
Favorite Food: grass followed by certain brands of crunchy food
Favorite Place: changed every week, but IKEA chair was a perennial favorite and final resting place
Favorite Toy: Ratty, Hedgie
Gender: female
Nickname(s): Diggie, Diggie-B, Digbum, Diggers, Diglyn, Punk, Pook
Digby's beginnings are a mystery. She was found wandering around Armstrong and brought to the Vernon SPCA at around age 2. As a black adult cat, Digby was not a popular choice amongst the locals and had been slated for 'put down'. However, when Tracie walked into the room they both knew it was the right match as Digby turned on her famous fast/loud purr and body rolling antics. She was adopted by Tracie from the Vernon SPCA in August 1997.

She was an affectionate and curious cat from day one. Not much of a mouser, but she loved to drag paper dolls between her legs like a wild cat would. Very entertaining.

Over the years, thanks to mom's job, Digby moved from the Okanagan up to the Nass valley, down to the Gulf Islands and finally to Victoria. She didn't travel in the car well (motion sickness) but only took 10 minutes to adjust to any new destination. She always did a house tour & after the 10 minutes would flop down on her side, indicating that all was well.

Digby loved to be outside, although never too far from her front door. In her early years she was a wanderer, but over time and after living in challenging environments she grew wiser. She also grew more and more attached to her 'mom' and by Victoria was a constant companion.

Digby struggled with thyroid issues in her last 5 years, which was followed by arthritis and eventually cancerous lumps. However, right up to the end she hardly complained. Digby loved life, eating, playing and knew exactly what she wanted. She loved being with her human companion, and had a strong
will to keep going. It took a combination of serious issues to finally convince her to rest.

Digby, you will always be missed. You were named after a trip to Digby, Nova Scotia. This caused many people to confuse your gender, but an East Coast name suited your West Coast self - it went well with your traveling spirit and great character : )

Always in my heart,
Love Tracie aka mom

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