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Domestic Short Hair
August 19th, 1999-March 1st, 2017
My best friend, gone too soon. He was my everything. Not able to have kids, he was my child. I am lost without him.
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Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion
Color: Orange
Favorite Activity: Sitting on my mommy's shoulder, crawling up her leg to be held by her.
Favorite Buddies: Angel, his brother, who left this earth on 6/20/16.
Favorite Food: He had 3 brothers & he wanted whichever food wasn't his (even if the food in their bowl was the same as what was in his bowl).
Favorite Place: Laying on his mommy's chest
Favorite Toy: Sushi roll that his catsitter got him for Christmas a few years back.
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Ryan, Squeek, Boog, Momma's Shadow Rye Guy, Orange, My Sweet Angel, Gummy or Gumdrop (as he had all his teeth removed 4 years ago).

I miss him already! Orion was my heart - my reason for living. I adopted him at 8 weeks old, along with Rigel (who was 12 weeks old) & in the cage next to him at Animal Welfare. They were playing with each other through the cages. He was my shadow from the minute I brought him home. From day 1, he slept on my head. He did that for at least 10 years, even when he was 12 1/2 lbs. When he had his teeth removed 4 years ago, he started waking me up EVERY single morning by biting (gumming) my hair. If I was out of town, he didn't bother my husband at all. Funny thing was, Nick was the one who fed him breakfast EVERY single morning so there was no reason to mess with me!

I loved him more than life itself.

He saved me when I wanted to give up. He was my favorite from the minute I first saw him - there was a never a question about that.

I know he will always be with me, but until I can hold him again, my mom will hold him tightly for me in Heaven. He has joined the ranks of the Angels Among Us. Finally reunited with his best friend (& brother) Angel, along with Rigel. 💔😿💔😽💔
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