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July 13th, 2012
July 13th, 2012

AGAIN - Bags Of Dead Animals Found In New York City Suburbs

Dead animals found again - this time in Rye

Officials at the scene of the April incident.
Officials at the scene of the April incident.
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- State police say eight trash bags filled with dead animals have been found near an interstate junction in the New York City suburbs.

The case is similar to the discovery three months ago of 35 dead animals in trash bags a few miles away.

An investigator says no connection between the two incidents had been established.

The investigator says some of the animals found Monday by highway workers in Rye were dogs. But he says decomposition made it hard to tell what the other animals were and to make an accurate count.

The investigator says the bags were found on a ramp connecting Interstates 95 and 287.

The bags found in April along the Hutchinson River Parkway in Harrison held dogs, cats and a lizard that had been euthanized. A Bronx veterinarian has been charged.

To see the full story and video, click here.

Note from Pet Loss Care Memorial Center:

To all pet parents seeking the services of a pet crematorium, PLEASE deal with the providers directly. If they refer you back to your vet clinic, then find another provider willing to speak with you during your time of need. There are just too many stories like this coming out - your vet is simply the middle man - your deceased companion animal does not deserve to be 'disposed in a black garbage bag.'

If you are wanting your pet's ashes back, dealing with the provider directly should guarantee immediate same day pickup (if not immediate), in an appropriate carrier other than a 'black garbage bag' (pet stretcher or casket) and immediately transported back to the pet crematorium in an appropriate vehicle (not the back of a pickup truck) to be either cremated immediately or gently placed in cold storage. Does this sound like what you want for your beloved companion?

Pet Loss Care Memorial Center has taken it a step further - we are the first crematorium in the world to offer live video streaming. As a pet parent, you have every right to demand transparency and accountability.

Ask the right questions - do your due diligence - you deserve to know exactly how your pet will be handled right up until the time their urn is placed back into your hands.

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