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2011 and 2013 Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award Winner (Innovation)
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February 24th, 2013
February 24th, 2013

Memorial Center first to offer a green alternative to cremation

VICTORIA, BC Canada, February 2013

Pet Loss Care Memorial Center is the first memorial center to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to flame based cremation - Aquamation.

Awarded the Innovation Award in 2011 for exemplifying successful innovation and demonstrating vision in the development of new technologies, Pet Loss Care is again at the forefront as a finalist for the Innovation Award 2013 for recognizing the need to embrace greener technologies, while still maintaining their compassionate approach to pet loss.

“I had used flame based cremation since 2004,” states Jocelyne Monette, founder of Pet Loss Care Memorial Center in Victoria, BC “and had always been concerned with the process and the environmental impact. Aquamation is the responsible option for today's families.”

Alkaline hydrolysis, commonly known as Aquamation, allows you to honour the loss of your companion without harming the environment. The process is slower than cremation because it more closely approximates that of Mother Nature when compared to high temperature flame based cremation.

Monette emphasizes the three main benefits of Aquamation:
- It is globally recognized as the most environmentally friendly
- It is gentler - using low temperature, water & alkali versus extreme heat & fire in flame based cremation
- Families actually receive more of their pet's remains back than with flame based cremation

The technology is manufactured by Bio Response Solutions, the leader in alkaline hydrolysis technology. Joe Wilson, owner & CEO had this to say about Pet Loss Care: “We applaud Jocelyne for her dedication in finding the best after care options for pet families and her positive impact on the environment; it is only fitting that this comes from an environmentally conscious place like Victoria BC to serve as a model for how centers should be set up across North America.”
“I am concerned about our planet, our environment and the legacy we are leaving behind for our children and grand children.” Monette continues, “I am just one person making one change - families can do their part by requesting the only responsible choice for their pet's after care, which is Aquamation.”

As for visiting the Memorial Center, Monette says, "We welcome visitors at Pet Loss Care Memorial Center and offer tours of the facility around scheduled memorial services. Because of the nature of the business, we do ask that you pre-book a time with us to ensure the Center is available for viewing and that no one is using our memorial area to say a last goodbye."

Need more information about Aquamation? Pet Loss Care's website has documented the Aquamation process in easy to understand terms.

Currrently, Pet Loss Care Memorial Center is the only full service center in North America offering Aquamation. A video is being produced which explains the process and will be released in March 2013.

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Finalist Innovation Category 2013
Finalist Innovation Category 2013
Jocelyne Monette - Founder
Jocelyne Monette - Founder

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