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2011 and 2013 Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award Winner (Innovation)
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November 11th, 2010
November 11th, 2010

First customer praises Pet Memorial Center for wonderful service

Victoria, BC Canada

Pat Rose of Esquimalt called the Greater Victoria Pet Memorial Center in search of a ´special place´ to take care of her little girl, a Shih-Tzu Poodle cross named - ´Rosie´.

Here is her story in her own words:

´After a visit to the vet which confirmed what I already knew in my heart, I realized I had to pick up the phone and book a time to let my little girl Rosie go.

It was a Saturday morning, so I called a mobile Vet service and booked the euthanasia to be done at home Monday at 1:30pm. Then I panicked as I had a dear pet euthanized at a local Vet hospital many years before and it had been one of the worse experiences of my life. I had left ´George´ there for cremation and had since heard countless horror stories that people were not really getting their pet´s ashes back.

Then I suddenly remembered clipping out an article in the newspaper a few weeks before about a woman - Jocelyne Monette - starting up a new business called the ´Greater Victoria Pet Memorial Center.´ Not kowing if she was in business yet, I called the phone number and Jocelyne answered immediately. I explained what was happening and she assured me that even though she wasn´t officially open for business, she would take care of everything. And she did!

We set up a time for her to arrive on Monday at 2:30pm. She arrived right on time and sat beside me as I cradled my little Rosie after she had passed. Then she asked my husband and I if Rosie had a favorite toy or blanket to go with her, and my husband said ´yes - a sweater of his she always slept on.´ There was no rushing - she sat with me until I could finally let Rosie go. Then she placed the sweater into the little coffin and wrapped it around her, then placed over her a beautiful soft blanket with little dogs on it. My husband carried Rosie to Jocelyne´s vehicle.

The follow up was wonderful! When I went to her office to take the picture she wanted and the words for the urn, she had brought Rosie to the Remembrance Room, and asked if I wanted to see her one last time. At first I hesitated but then I did, to give her one last kiss, and I was glad I did.

When Jocelyne brought Rosie home I was overwhelmed with all the special remembrances for us - the picture and hair clippings, the clay paw print, the 1/2 heart shaped cookie, the official Cremation Certificate, and the beautiful wooden urn with Rosie´s ashes and her tag # 10001 (Rosie was the first), plus a piece of my husband´s sweater to ´keep her warm.´

Jocelyne turned a heartbreaking experience into a time of love and celebration of life.´

Pat & Rick Rose

Thank you Pat & Rick for your wonderful comments and especially, for trusting us with Rosie´s care.

Many blessings,


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