Pet Loss Care
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2011 and 2013 Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award Winner (Innovation)
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Parenting: Coping with the loss of a pet
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Category: Media Coverage

January 17th, 2012
An expert says that losing a pet can be even harder on kids. In many cases itīs the first time theyīre dealing with the loss of someone that they see every day....
Deceptive pet cremation practices are unethical and need to stop!
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Category: Media Coverage

March 19th, 2012
How can you be sure the ashes in your petīs urn are those of your pet, and only your pet? Evidence shows that in many cases pet cremation providers are not providing the services expected by their customers....
Public Live Video Stream Now Active
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Category: Messages from Pet Loss Care

June 25th, 2012
In an innovative move to provide completely transparent and ethical pet cremation services, Pet Loss Care Memorial Center in Victoria BC Canada is now the first crematorium in the world to provide a live video stream showing our cremation procedure....