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2011 and 2013 Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award Winner (Innovation)
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It is with a very heavy heart that I bid Farewell to the Victoria pet community as the Pet Loss Care Memorial Center closes its doors.

I have met wonderful families over the years and I thank you all for the privilege of having accompanied so many of you through the journey of loss....the memories you shared of your beloved companions, the stories, the tears and even the laughter, will forever remain with me.

The Memorial Section on this site will remain active as there are many heartfelt tributes that are viewed, especially at this time of year.

Our Facebook page will also remain active for now - I enjoy communicating with all of you and whenever a story of interest catches my eyes, I will be sure to share it with you.

Victoria BC
Many have asked who they should turn to when the time comes - I can only recommend one service that I trust explicitly on this island and they are in Courtenay/Comox. Vancouver Island Animal Crematorium, owned and operated by an amazing couple- Steve and Tammy. You can reach them at 250-338-6481

I have always been in 'awe' as to the care and compassion they show every single family pet entrusted to them...and that compassion is extended to the human family. I used to talk about Steve's cremation methods at conferences around the country, even when I presented in the UK last year. I have never met anyone that actually puts on heat resistant attire to go deep into the crematorium to ensure the chamber is swept spotlessly clean before the next cremation. He is a perfectionist to a fault. That's how much he cares for you, the human family, and for your beloved companion - and why I trust him completely.

Choosing the right veterinarian for a compassionate home euthanasia service can be difficult to accomplish when faced with an imminent need. I have worked with many veterinarians on home euthanasias and I look for certain 'attributes' and skills in a vet, especially when the family counts on me to recommend someone. Home euthanasias require time, compassion and a true understanding of the human-animal bond. A certain respect and dignity is needed as a family says goodbye. Dr. Julia Harrison exhibits these on all her home visits - she has a true gift, both as a human being and a veterinarian and she understands this event will be a lasting memory for the family.

Please contact Dr. Julia Harrison at 250-598-1067 or visit her East Gate Veterinary Services website.

private cremation
Lucy and I want to say 'thank you'.... you may run into us walking the Dallas Road trail, or hopping around the shops in Cook Street Village, and even on the ferry! If you do, please say hello!

Until then....wishing you and your loved ones, both human and 4-legged, a very safe, loving and wonderful holiday season!

**UPDATE** I am so pleased to see that pet families continue to pay tribute to their beloved companions on our Memorial Section.

This site will be undergoing some exciting changes soon - so stay tuned for an unveil summer 2017!!

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Sarah Lou Fatica Guillette
Sarah Lou Fatica Guillette
Sarah Lou Fatica Guillette

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