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December 20th, 2014
December 20th, 2014

Pet Crematoriums in Victoria BC

Shaw Pet Hospitals in Victoria BC no longer recommends private pet cremation

I was quite surprised to find this PDF PDF

Size: 42.19K

on Shaw Pet Hospitalsī website.

He no longer offers or recommends private pet cremations - he also states on this PDF:
Recent news items have cast a shadow of doubt over the integrity of all pet cremation services in this area. There is a vigorous turf war in the business and operators will stop at nothing to discredit their competitors. Some individual pet crematorium operators may be acting unethically in providing communal cremation when private cremation has been requested and paid for.

He further states:
Instead of private cremation we encourage pet owners to select lower cost communal cremation and to donate the cost difference to the animal charity of their choice.

I consider my beloved companions to be members of my family. Why can't I expect to get what I ask for - an ethical pet cremation? I would want a dignified service for my human family member, and I would also want a dignified pet cremation service for my furry family member - to be encouraged to choose communal pet cremation is akin to sending a relative to a mass grave. Unacceptable!!

The PDF has a list of pet crematoriums in Victoria - he recommends you call and make your own arrangements. That is the only comment on the PDF that I totally agree with! Yes - you should call and make your own arrangements. You wouldn't expect your family doctor to make the funeral arrangements of a deceased relative, why would you let the vet be a middle-man to make final decisions for the after-care of your deceased pet?

Be sure to educate yourself when calling around. Not all pet crematoriums are created equal. There is a list of questions you should ask of any pet crematorium you are considering. Afterall, your pet deserves the very best - even in death.

To see the original link on Shaw Hospitalīs website:

Note: The pet crematoriums listed in the PDF have an error - the Greater Victoria Pet Memorial Center has been renamed: The Pet Loss Care Memorial Center and we have relocated to 589E Bay Street to better serve the Victoria pet community.

Carter & his best friend Bentley
Carter & his best friend Bentley
Are we having fun?
Are we having fun?
Bentley enjoying a fall day
Bentley enjoying a fall day

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