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September 15th, 2012
September 15th, 2012

Hudson Mack & Pals!

Vancouver Island's much loved CTV anchor Hudson Mack shares time with us...

Hudson Mack with Sophie & Taco
Hudson Mack with Sophie & Taco
Photo credits: Kathryn Weese Photography

Standing in the park our attention is caught by a little dog streaking by in a flash.  Whatever it was that caught her interest, she soon changes her mind and races back to meet up with her pal, a lovely Airedale.  And nearby, their owner, Hudson Mack, smiles as he oversees their antics.

Of all the dogs he has had in his life, Sophie is the “companion dog that has captured my heart” according to Mack.  Nearly ten years old now, Sophie came from an Airedale breeder in Calgary, and has enriched the lives of the Mack family because of her wonderful nature, desire to always be part of the action, sense of fun and ability to clown around.  SophieShe loves a good ice cream cone, being out in the boat and travelling in the motor home.  She has also provided Mack with “good inspiration to get more exercise." A favorite past time for Mack and Sophie has been to hike around Mount Tolmie, although with her getting older and having a couple of compressed disks they tend to take easier routes now.  Despite her age, he continues to frequently refer to Sophie by her nickname “Pup-pup”.

TacoThe little dog, Taco, was acquired in July from a local rescue group that brought a large number of Chihuahuas and Chihuahua crosses to Victoria from a shelter in San Diego.  The Macks had been considering getting a companion dog for Sophie for some time.  Relaxing in the back yard one evening, glass of wine in hand, Hudson and his wife, Patty, began to discuss the rescue after it had been broadcast on CTV.  One thing led to another and they offered to foster with a view to adopt, providing Sophie accepted the new pup.  So Taco, formerly known as Dolly, a Chihuahua/Italian greyhound cross about 18 months old, arrived to add some excitement to the family´s life.  

TacoMack always thought of himself as “a big dog guy but I´m really taken with Taco, more than I thought I would be.” Taco has also made him a huge supporter of the rescue experience.  A bit timid during that first week, Taco has settled in well. She idolizes Sophie.  For Sophie, “it is almost like she has her own pet now.”  She is protective of Taco, although she will put her in place when Taco monopolizes Mack too much. The cats, Linda & Mr. Butterscotch (Mr. B), treat Taco and Sophie as equals - they are indifferent to both dogs.

It is too early in the relationship to know Taco´s complete personality, however, her primary focus is a desire to please.  The only inkling about her past is she´s a bit hand shy.  She has melted the Mack family hearts with her affection.   And she´s fun to watch with her darting to and fro, only slowing down to play a game of tug-of-war with Sophie and a stick.  She comes when called, will stand up on her hind legs when asked and she gives off an aura of happiness contagious to all who are near by.  

Mack loves dogs and would never be without one. He grew up in a household with a keeshond, Kee Kee, and later, a cocker spaniel named Caramel.  He goes as far as to say he is a bit psychic with dogs, much to the amusement of his kids.  Pulling up beside a car with a dog inside, Mack boasts he can make that dog look over at him - every time.  Charisma? Perhaps they just recognize a celebrity?  

For Mack, there is no better feeling than leaving the frenetic activity of the newsroom to be greeted by two loving dogs as soon as he walks in his front door.  His way of decompressing after work is to walk or play with the dogs.  As he says, “I get a lot of joy out of the dogs.”  Watching Mack interact with them only serves to confirm that statement, as there is a tremendous sense of contentment about him.  

Sophie and TacoSophie & TAco say Hello!

No doubt by the time the next vacation rolls around, Taco will have developed a love of ice cream cones and help navigate the motor home, just like Sophie.  Probably will love the boat too.  After all, they are family.

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