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July 1st, 2013
July 1st, 2013

Let Your Love Grow - growing new life from ashes

Eco-friendly living memorial .... create a remembrance planting to express your love.

You may be searching for a way to turn the grief you feel over your petīs death into something special. You have your petīs cremated ashes in an urn, but you want to do more with them. A remembrance planting in your home or garden is a powerful living symbol. When nourished by your petīs cremated ashes, an ordinary plant becomes a living symbol of your petīs life.

You can easily create that living memorial and start healing no matter if your pet died recently or a long time ago. To begin:
Determine where to plant - Whether itīs your petīs favorite spot, cremation garden, or a container, you want to find the place that reminds you of your pet.

Determine what to plant - a new fragrant perennial garden or a young tree, this will be the place your friend will become one with a new green life. Choose the planting that most reminds you of your pet and works best in your area.

Combine the ashes with Let Your Love Grow - This organic mixture is the only solution that will lower the pH level and dilute the harmful sodium (salt) in the cremated ashes.

Follow your nurseryīs directions on planting, covering and watering.

With Let Your Love Grow, not all cremated ashes are needed to give this nourishment. You can choose other ways to memorialize your pet with the cremated  ashes that remain. An urn on the mantel can provide still another reminder of that love.

Let Your Love Grow
Let Your Love Grow
Make Planting Special
The way you create that special moment can help with the grieving process.  Depending on what bests suit you, you can have a group gathering or take a quiet moment by yourself. The most important thing is that you create your remembrance planting in a way that comforts you best.

The Circle of Life: Nurture and Hope
The sight of a remembrance planting and the action of caring for it, offers a nurturing reminder of your pet. Just as the plant nurtures you, your pet nourishes the plant, completing the circle of life and letting your love grow. Even more, you may be gratified to know that out of your pet loss came something positive. Not only did you add more green to the environment, you also made it possible with this eco-friendly product.

Here is an example on how to create a living memorial in memory of a loved one, human or pet:

Pet Loss Care Memorial Center is pleased to offer this amazing product - contact us for more information.

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